Witte Molen Pure Seed Guinea Pig Food Mixture Papaya & Peas Dry, (Abyssinian, American, Coronet, Peruvian)





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Witte MolenWitte Molen

Witte Molen Pure for Small Animals and Pet Birds

About Witte Molen Made in the Netherlands since 1740

Eating healthily & responsibly is important for everyone, so the animals we love and care for deserve the same. That’s why Witte Molen goes the extra mile to enhance the wellbeing of animals and their caretakers for ornamental birds, small mammals, wild birds, pigeons & poultry. To achieve this, we work together with professional trade partners, breeders and end-users to incorporate their desires & needs into everything we create. With more than 250 years of experience Witte Molen has composed special products for every animal. For rabbits and rodents Witte Molen produces among others rabbit food, guinea pig food and hamster food. But Witte Molen also has carefully selected products for mice, rats and chinchillas. For birds Witte Molen not only has special mixtures for parrots, budgerigars, parakeets and canaries, but also for tropical birds, love birds, indigenous birds and aviary birds.

Enriched with 1000 mg/kg stabilized vitamin C for excellent health
The crude unground fiber and probiotics promote dental health and healthy digestion
The balanced, high-fiber composition, added vitamins and trace elements will increase your pet’s vitality
Without artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings

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