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Why the sewing is imortant for you and your children? 4 reasons every child should learn how to sew.

Developing Hand-Eye Coordination.

Threading a needle requires a skilled hand. You have to look through the loop of a needle and get the tiny piece of thread to slip through it. Knotting the thread and stitching a needle through the fabric by hand also contributes to the development of hand-eye coordination.

Exploring Creativity and Accomplishment.

When kids have completed a design or sewing project, they will have a reminder of their accomplishment. They can show off their homemade clothes and accessories to their friends, or display them in their bedrooms. Or, Kids can use their creativity to help others. Sewing will help them build self-confidence and confidence in their skills.

With sewing, they’ll learn how to be patient.

Most kids don’t have a lot of patience when they want something, they want it right away – waiting is unacceptable. If they learn that from their own example, empirically, they’ll perfectly understand that waiting is necessary sometimes. Sewing can teach them about patience in a subtle but very effective way. They’ll slowly but surely start learning how to be more patient.

Design and Sewing will make them use their imagination.

Creativity and imagination go hand in hand with each other, And since kids have a very powerful imagination, they can put it to good use with sewing. With its help, they can come up with very unique and fascinating ideas, maybe even some that are far better than those of adults.

So, if your child who sews suggests a peculiar sewing project, The Wedding dress design&sewing project is a perfect solution to learn sewing for girls. it is different with some Teddy bear sewing and It’s a dream for all girls. Let them try it out, it might turn out to be something really amazing and original. Either way, it will be something creative without a doubt.


Fabrics for wedding dress

As you know, the fabric of this wedding dress is not the same as the fabric of the dress. There are many kinds of fabrics for the wedding dress, and their uses are also different. The following are the various fabrics we provide:



Cut off the shapes you need from fabrics

We provide some molds for cutting wedding dresses, you can first use a pen to draw a shape on the fabric, and then cut it from the fabric. Of course, we would love to see you design some shapes yourself. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you first follow the tutorial to do sewing again, and then design other styles yourself.


Portable sewing machine helps you to sew in many places

Don’t underestimate the small tool, it’s not like some sewing toys, it doesn’t work. It can completely help you complete the sewing task. And it is very easy to carry and can sew in many places, such as hospitals, schools, sofa or bed, etc.


Trial dress

We can try this wedding dress on the model, it sounds too cool, I actually made a wedding dress, it is too fulfilling, I want to share it with my family.


★WONDERFUL CRAFTS SET-Each kit includes: 1 Doll mold, 1 Mannequin, hand-held sewing machine, paper templates, sketchbook, fabrics, lace, ribbons, tools, and decorations
★DRAW AND CREATE-use your imagination, design a wedding dress on a sketchbook, then cut paper templates and fabrics, stitch them together, add your favorite decorations, and finally, try them on with Doll Mold. Congratulations, the great design is complete Already. The clothing design process is all included so that children can master the real design and sewing skills.
★LEARN VALUABLE SKILLS – Build your kids sewing skills and self esteem by keeping them actively engaged and interacting with friends.This wedding design kit is the perfect craft and art project for teens and kids who can really sew. Child use requires adult supervision
★Step-by-step instructions-detailed instructions and instruction videos to make clothing design easy.This wedding design kit is the perfect craft and art project for teens and kids who can really sew. Child use requires adult supervision
★ MEANINGFUL PLAY – At last, an adorable arts & crafts sewing kit that compels kids to drop their electronic games to learn the timeless craft of hand sewing and creative play.

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