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Price: $35.68
(as of Jan 14,2021 19:12:48 UTC – Details)

The GoCart is the perfect cart for all your needs both inside and outside the house. Roll it with the telescoping aluminum handle or carry it with the top handle. You can also pick it up anywhere with the rim handle. Use it for grocery laundry cleaning supplies and more. The tire tread allows you to pull more weight with less effort.Carry all your dirty clothes with lightweight rolling laundry basket.

Heavy duty wheel tread allows for an easier roll.
Ditch the plastic grocery bags, go Eco-friendly, go GoCart. The Gocart is the essential rolling basket for your trips to the grocery store and farmer’s market. Take all your picnic supplies with this push cart.
Aluminum Telescopic handle reduces stress on the joints pulling more weight with less effort. Teachers can carry all of their school supplies with this wheeled tote.
Great for carrying laundry, laundry detergents and dirty clothes to and from the Laundromat and your home.
Made of Hard ABS Plastic with weight capacity of 100 lbs. jumbo swing handle for and oversized rim handle.

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