AMAZON KINDLE FIRE HD 8 (10TH GENERATION) USER GUIDE: A Detailed Manual to Master the Kindle Fire HD 8 (2020 Edition), Manage Content and Troubleshoot Common Issues; Plus Alexa Skills, Tips & Tricks





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Explore your new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 (10th generation) with this informative and easy step by step practical guide!!

Do you own the Amazon latest Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet?
Are you in need of an accurate and simple user guide that will help you utilize all the features of your Tablet?
This comprehensive guide will teach you how to use and master all the features of the tablet in no time.

The latest model of the Fire HD 8, released in 2020 come with major software upgrade, notably a 2GB quad-core processor which increases the speed of the tablet by 30% when compared to the older model. This new model handles multitasking with ease, and coupled with an improve battery capacity, is no doubt an excellent tablet.

Inside this book, we dissect all the functions of the Kindle Fire HD 8 (both known and hidden), presenting you with easy-to-follow step by step directions to use and master the device.

Most people use their Tablet for watching movies and maybe games, being unaware of the additional features on their Tablet, The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 is quite amazing because there are lots of other exciting features to enjoy as you will see in this book.

Since I had used and made thorough research on this device, I can confidently say the content of this guidebook will benefit both beginners and old time Kindle users. Apart from the step-by-step guidelines, you will also find important tips, trick, Alexa skills and troubleshooting hacks.

You will learn how to:
•How to Set-up Kindle Fire HD 8
•How to Unregister Kindle Fire
•How to Install A MicroSD Card
•How to Remove Ads and Special Offers
•How to Customize Your Language and Keyboard
•How to Change Keyboard Language
•How to Edit Keyboard Sounds
•How to Reinstall Deleted Apps
•How to Force-Close Apps
•How to Using The Silk Browser
•How to Enable Voice View
•How to Pair Braille Device
•How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers
•How to Set Up Parental Controls
•How to Set Up 1-Click Payment
•How to Setup and Use Kindle FreeTime
•Use the Kindle FreeTime App
•How to Create A Child’s Profile on A Fire Tablet
•How to Add A Second Adult to the Household
•How to Share Books With Family and Friends
•How to Return A Loaned Kindle Book
•How to Transfer Books to Another Device
•How to Buy and Manage Newsstands and Items
•How to Purchase And Listen To Audiobooks
•How to Buy, Rent, and Download Movies
•How to Purchase Books As A Gift
•How to Redeem A Kindle Book Gift
•How to Download and Install Apps
•How to Download Apps from Other Third-Party Sites
•How to Download and Install Games
•Download Game Apps from Third- Party Sites
•How to Download the Zoom App on Kindle
•Take A Picture
•How to Take Screenshots
•How to Share Screenshots Taken on Your Kindle
•How to Enable Alexa on Fire Tablet
•Voice Purchase with Alexa
•What can Alexa do on Kindle Fire?
•How to Use Alexa Hands-Free
•How to Use Alexa in Show Mode
•How to Use Drop-In and Announcements
•How to Use Alexa Hands-Free
•How to Change Alexa Wake Word
•How to Read Kindle Books with Alexa
•How to Turn on Show-Mode
•Shopping with Alexa
•News, Weather, Traffic
•How to Setup Calendar
•How to Setup Email
•How to Set Alarms & Timers
•How to Utilize Your Alarm with Alexa
•How to Install Google Play Store

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