AMAZON ECHO DOT (4TH GENERATION) USER GUIDE: A Step By Step Manual to Master the Amazon Echo Dot Device (2020 Edition), Manage Content and Troubleshoot your device; Plus Alexa Skills, Tips And Tricks





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Get all the knowledge you need to master the new Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation in this elaborate guide

Do you own the Amazon Echo Dot 4?
Would you like to learn how to use this device like a pro, and maximize its full potentials?
Would you like to master the use of the voice command feature, Alexa assistant, and many other hidden features of the Echo Dot?
If you answered all the questions above affirmatively, then this elaborate user guide was written just for you!

Getting used to the Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation (or any of the older versions) may be difficult at first. It seems near impossible to master if you are using one of these devices for the first time. The learning process is quite a bit of a journey. Yes, a journey we went through to get you a painstakingly researched step by step guide on using and mastering the device. Follow me as I take you on this journey to enjoy your Echo device.

This guide is embedded with detailed guidelines that will get you familiar with the Amazon Echo Dot 4. It begins with teaching you how to get your gadget ready for use (setting it up); you will learn the appropriate voice commands to get Alexa to perform tasks like; like answer calls, play songs, order products, send messages, give you news updates, and a plethora of others. Many users of the device find themselves combing the internet whenever they need to learn something about this smart gadget. The odds are that you are part of this category, well I have gone through all the necessary research to ensure your convenience. This book is therefore a guidebook as well as a reference book. The information contained are beneficial to both new and old users of the Amazon Echo Dot.

Additionally, this book has solutions for the common problems this smart home gadget may encounter, this is to facilitate easy troubleshooting should any of the issue arise. So, if you are already familiar with this device, you will find that section of the book quite useful. I have added some hidden features, Easter eggs, and commands that most people do not know about Alexa.

Inside you will learn how to:
•Set Up Amazon Echo Dot
•Configure Amazon Echo Dot Via The Web
•Setting Up Routines
•Setting Up Scheduled Routines
•How to Set Up Multiple Echo Devices
•How to Train Alexa To Recognize Your Voice
•How to Listen To More Phrases
•How to Set Up Amazon Household
•How to Add A Child Account To Household
•How To Install Skills In Alexa
•How to Build Your Skill With Alexa Blueprint
•How to Set Up and Manage Alexa Hunches
•How to Set And Manage Alexa Guard
•How to SetUp IFTTT
•How to Schedule Uber Or Lyft With Echo Device
•How to Connect Alexa To Your Xbox One
•Alexa Commands To Use On Xbox One
•How to Delete Alexa History Via Alexa App
•How to Delete Alexa History Via PC
•How to SetUp Parental Control
•How to Remove Explicit Music
•How to Set Up Alexa Calling And Messaging
•How To Receive A Call
•How To Block Number
•How To Change Alexa Word
•How To Change Alexa’s Accent
•How to Enable Alexa’s Follow Up Mode
•How to Set Up Alexa For Shopping
•Set Up Password For Voice Purchase
•How to Connect Echo Device To Bluetooth Speakers
•How to Stream Music With Bluetooth
•Podcast Playback On Alexa With AnyPod
•How to Stream Podcasts Via Bluetooth
•How to Listen To Audible Audiobooks
•How to Connect Your Spotify To Echo
•How to Pair An Echo Speaker With Fire TV
•How to Set To-Do Lists
•How to Set Up And Get Traffic Reports
•Editing A Smart Home Group
•How to Set Up And Control Smart Thermostats
•Alexa Com Questions, And Easter Eggs
•And a lot more!
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