AEVO Detachable Milk Frother Machine, Automatic Electric Milk Warmer & Foam Maker [4 Modes] [Dishwasher-Safe Pitcher] [Independent Heating & Frothing] for Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Hot Chocolate


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Of all the finer things in life, a piping-hot latte or cappuccino are among the finest. But who wants to start their day waiting in a seemingly-endless line at the coffee shop? With the AEVO Milk Frother & Steamer, the only barista you’ll need is yourself.

Whether you want wet or dry foam; hot or cold foam; or are just looking to heat up your hot chocolate, we’ve got you covered. With independent frothing & steaming buttons, you’ll have full control over both the temperature & consistency of your foam. Barista-quality lattes & cappuccinos can really be as easy as adding milk and pressing a button.

At Café AEVO, there are no lines, no markup, and nobody spelling your name wrong.








Faster Heating

High-powered to get you the perfect cup fast.

Level Marks

150 ml for milk frothing; 300 ml for milk steaming.

Pitcher Spout

Easy to pour so you’ll never cry over spilled milk.




1. For best results, use 3%-3.8% whole milk.

2. Do not allow the heating base to come into contact with water.

3. Do not fill the pitcher beyond the maximum capacity line (see the manual for specific capacities for each mode).

4. Do not remove the pitcher lid while the device is frothing/steaming.

5. The lid of the pitcher is not dishwasher-safe and should be washed by hand.


1. What is the best type of milk for milk foam?

For best results, use 3% to 3.8% whole milk. Other milk products like skim milk, low-fat milk, and yogurt will not froth properly. Using fresh, cold milk (ideally around 50 °F/10 °C) will result in more delicate foam.

2. Is this device machine-washable?

The pitcher can be washed in the dishwasher if detached from the heating base. Do not wash the heating base.

3. What is the pitcher’s maximum capacity?

The maximum capacity of the pitcher depends on the mode being used. For frothing without heating, the capacity is 150 ml. For frothing + heating, it is 300 ml.


☕️2-IN-1 FROTHER/HEATER – Froth milk, heat milk/hot chocolate, or do both. With independent heating & frothing buttons, the choice is yours.
☕️FASTER & FINER – The die-cast aluminum pitcher heats up faster, and its lid has an integrated magnetic frother for finer & more delicate foam.
☕️FROTHING MADE EASY – With 4 modes to choose from, getting your foam to the perfect temperature/texture is as easy as pressing a button.
☕️EASY TO CLEAN – Unlike traditional milk frothers, the dishwasher-safe pitcher can be detached from the heater for easier cleaning.
☕️SAFE TO USE – A built-in NTC thermistor keeps the milk from getting too hot & automatically shuts the device off if the pitcher is empty or detached.

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